and so the peace by piece project begins. . .


Boxes of debris are finding their way to artists across the country – as the donations come in to help cover shipping costs, the boxes get shipped. In a few days I’ll have an exciting way for you to get involved.


Marie Gibbons was one of the first artists that I showcased on DAM when I started the blog 6.5 years ago (you can read my posts about Marie here and here). It seemed fitting then, that she be one of the first artists to receive her box of debris for this project.


She got right to work thinking and playing and experimenting, laying out all of her little “this and that parts and starts” to get her going. Marie says, “Peace by Piece, I can’t wait to get my pieces all together!!”


Here are more possible adornments for the debris – her plan is to make lots of “little organic-ish pieces to embed, wrap, attach, etc.”


“I will just keep making little parts that might be something I would like to use, its fun working in miniature scale like this… the swimmers and organic elements just screaming to me that they need to be part of this project, I guess it is my east coast ocean roots itching to tie on. . .and maybe some mini-swimmer-ball ladies…. after all, I believe, that is how Susan Lomuto and I first came to know each other…. this one is only one and a half inches high.” ~ Marie Gibbons


“I keep visually landing on the little shoulders up pieces, thinking how that might be very cool to have a lot of little swimmers popping up from some of the debris wood pieces….. like they have been safely hanging out inside the wood, waiting for the moment that it is safe to pop themseves up into the sun once again….” ~Marie Gibbons

And so it begins. . .I hope you continue to join us on this journey of transformation.


altering debris

I’m back home after a long spell away, beginning the process of choosing who gets what. I’m relying on my gut to pick the appropriate pieces of debris for each artist – thinking about them, their work, their story as I choose the materials for their box.

beach pebble cocoons

Altered Debris, beach pebbles, mohair netting

I’m also altering some of the smaller pieces of debris. Included in the box of materials that ships out to each artist will be one small piece of debris that I have altered in some way.


Altered Debris, burned, drilled, polymer clay

altered debris

Altered Debris, burned, drilled, silk Sari fabric, silk ribbon

My hope is that many of the artists will include the piece in their finished artwork (not mandatory). This adds another layer of interest – another common thread between the artworks.

Getting more excited each day. . .

That’s how I view this project. Creating peace. . .by transforming the pieces of a once-in-a-lifetime storm that wreaked havoc across the East Coast.

rusty things 1

                                                                                                                                                           photo by Susan Lomuto

I’ve gathered and hauled the debris, contacted artists who I believe can make these bits and pieces of destruction sing and come alive again, built a website for the project and I am now seeking round one of funding – to pay the shipping costs needed to put the debris into the hands of this special group of artists.

I’ll keep you posted. . .