debrisPeace by Piece is an art project using debris collected from a town that was greatly impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

Artists from around the country will transform the debris into art, culminating in an online art exhibit and possibly a traveling exhibit.

Thousands of people suffered terrible losses from the storm. Millions were affected in one way or another.

My heart goes out to all who felt her wrath, however Peace by Piece isn’t about raising money. There are many fundraising efforts in place, including CERF+, which is helping artists affected by the storm.

It is about remembering that when we fall down, we can and must rise up and find peace.

It is about learning how to move past destruction and into beauty and hope for the next chapter.

It is about a journey of reflection and hope; joy and beauty; life and death. Through the eyes of a select group of artists.

The Peace by Piece project is curated by Susan Lomuto.


photo by Susan Lomuto